Where should I teach English? Part 5

Here is part 5 of Where should I teach English? China, Korea, Taiwan or Japan? If you are thinking about making a move to one of these places or perhaps choosing one or the other, I think that this may help you.

Here is a transcription of the video:

Hi there I am back. I thought I could add a little more to the "Where should I teach?" series. Guess it's becoming a series now. Another thing that I can touch on is environment. I would say that as far as environment goes...

All of these places can have pretty nice environments except for the urban areas. The populations in Asia can be pretty huge. Urban areas can be pretty crowded. Getting outside of the urban areas... These places have some nice mountains and coastal areas. Korea I would say that out of all of them is the least spectacular one - out of China, Korea, Japan and Taiwan. I'd say Korea is the least spectacular one, but it's still pretty nice. It's quite mountainous. It's mostly covered in mountains.

A good thing about it - if you are still living in the city like I was in Busan you can literally just look at a mountain walk to it and probably find a trail to go hiking. The other cool thing about that is that on the tops of these mountains they have these little aerobic centers with some machines where you can work out. Korea is pretty nice.

For me it's kind of similar to where I grew up in the northeast of the USA. The tallest mountain in Korea is under 2000 meters. Which is around 6000 feet and which is also similar to where I grew up in New Hampshire. The tallest mountain there is also around 6000 feet. Korea is pretty nice. It's pretty clean. You can easily get out to mountains. For me Busan wasn't very overwhelming. It was about 3.5 million people, but it was o.k.

Where should I teach English: China, Korea, Japan or Taiwan? Watch the rest of the series.


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