ESLinsider offers a number of helpful resources for teachers. These resources primarily provide training, however, some also provide insight into teaching in Asia. Whether you are just getting started with TEFL or you have been teaching for years I think you will find something here that will inform or inspire you.

Here's a look at the resources:

  1. Online courses
  2. The Comprehensive Guide to Teaching English in Asia
  3. The Lazy Teacher's Guide To TEFL
  4. A Summary of How to teach English by Jeremy Harmer
  5. How-to videos
  6. 101 Teaching tips
  7. How To Kill It Teaching In A Hagwon In Korea
  8. The Blog

"I wish I had found this website before I took my CELTA course." - Ela

Online Courses

Sample TEFL certificate

This course is especially focused on teaching English to kids in East Asia. TEKA is the current course. This is the best course that ESLinsider has created so far.

There are currently 2 online courses:

  • Basic course
  • Advanced course

TEKA includes all of the resources below bundled together.

"I found the TEFL courses very entertaining, knowledgeable and clear.  Thank you for creating this awesome website." - Darrell Yates

Here you can read reviews of ESLinsider's courses

The Lazy Teacher's Guide To TEFL

Lazy TEFL Guide

The Lazy Teacher's Guide To TEFL is a simplified training guide to teaching English abroad. This guide takes a less is more approach to TEFL. This can be especially good for beginners. It is designed to not overwhelm you with extraneous information.

You can only truly learn small bits of info at a time. If you are exposed to too much information in a short period of time then you won't retain it. Some courses can overwhelm you with information. This strips out the non-essentials and focuses on what really matters.

It is a training guide that will save you time and make your entrance into the TEFL world much easier. You can read reviews and buy it for a few bucks on Amazon.

The Comprehensive Guide to Teaching English in Asia

Teach English in Asia Guide

Thinking about teaching English in Japan, Korea, Taiwan or China? Learn about the differences between these countries, how to write an excellent ESL resume, where to find ESL jobs, the differences between public and private schools, about visas, etc.

Read the updated version online here.

How to Teach English Summary

How to teach English summary

This is a summary of the classic book How to teach English by Jeremy Harmer. It's a simple, practical and compressed guide for teaching English.

How-to Videos

How-to Videos for TEFL

Watch over 100 videos and learn: lesson planning, warm-ups, icebreakers, ESL games and activities, teaching tips, classroom management and more.

101 Teaching Tips

cover 101 ESL teaching tips

Learn a 101 teaching tips for teaching English as a second language. You can read these online or listen to them. Learn: how to speak in front of your students, classroom management tips, tricks to keeping your students interested and much more.

"If the material seems to be boring to the teacher, it will be boring to the students, but the reverse isn't always true. Just because the teacher finds the material to be interesting doesn't necessarily mean that the students will." -Arch Lustberg

How To Kill It Teaching In A Hagwon In Korea

Teaching in hagwon book cover

This is an in-depth guide on teaching in a hagwon in Korea. It will help you to avoid any of the horror stories that you may have heard and teach you how to actually teach in a hagwon. Learn more.

The Blog

The blog is filled with useful and insightful articles about teaching English in Asia.