What we are all about

1. We take risks

Life is short. We're taking chances.

2. We face our fears

There are two kinds of fears in life: real fear and imaginary or fear that is in your memory. Real fear will save your life - it's your friend. An imaginary fear is like that fear of the little red man with horns and a pitchfork.

3. We like tongue twisters

We like to come up with creative tongue twisters like: religion really rhymes with ridiculous righteous rubbish.

4. We are not conventional

If there is a better way than the conventional way then we do it.

5. We can change

We can grow and continue to learn because our brains are plastic. People may have limitations, but their biggest limitation is in their minds.

6. We can change the world

We are not helpless. One by one we can help change the world.

7. We are not followers

We don't want to be like everyone else.

8. We're on our own path

We often prefer the seldom traveled path or better yet blazing our own trail.

9. We like simplicity

Less is often more.

10. We're honest

We practice honesty, transparency and authenticity.

11. We're open

We are open to new experiences. We like fun and adventure.

12. Failure is one of our teachers

Failure is a good teacher. Failure is part of succeeding. We may not welcome it, but whatever we dream of doing, we do it. We won't always win, but we act and do it. Even if we fail then we know, experienced it and we learned.

Resources for ESL teachers

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